We are Houbara Communications

We are an independent agency with a new name and a new journey.

We remain Grayling’s UAE affiliate but now we have our own plans, our own culture and a lineup of marketing services that continues to evolve at the speed it always has.

Since our CEO bought the UAE business out of Grayling’s global network in September 2019, we have been as busy as ever and we’ve also been secretly making plans for our new brand.

Who we are

We’re a content marketing agency with a focus on PR. We create the story, tell the story and bring it to life across every channel – how it looks, where it’s seen and how it moves people to action.

PR is our heartbeat.

Reputation matters more than ever before, and trust is built only when transparency and open communications channels are in place. Our PR services are all encompassing, from C-suite media training delivered in-house to devising communications strategies and content plans to managing intense daily press office and social media programmes.

We are driven by optimizing content and conversations in an omnichannel world.

What we do

We build brands and reputations through PR and content marketing services

How we work


we don’t over
complicate things


we get to the point fast


we get excited about what we do because we really care – it’s contagious


we ask a lot of questions and we listen to the world around us constantly

And, of course, we’re everything you expect when you meet an agency with our heritage and a team with our skills – we know our way around the most complex of challenges and can cut through a brief like a hot knife through butter. We get to the heart of your challenges; we get inside the heads of your audience and we are bold in our creative solutions.

Tune in to us

We have a lot to say so tune in to our social channels

But we’re more interested in hearing about you, so come to see us next time you’re in Media City.

Contact our founder, Loretta, to find out more about how we can help your business.

Drop us a line on +971 (0) 4 390 1630


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